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Gathered Glass
Release of Liability Form

Please read carefully and fill out the form below.

I realize that by my participation in these activities I am risking potential harm to my person or belongings. I understand that interaction with hot glass is hazardous and the risks I am assuming include fatality. I hereby consent to accept all risks arising directly or indirectly from my participation at Gathered Studios and I expressly release and waive any claims for injury, death or damaged property against Gathered Studios, its owners, employees, agents or representatives. 


I have carefully read this agreement and the Gathered Studio Safety Regulations and understand its contents. I

understand that due to the cooperative nature of glass by ignoring or neglecting safety regulations I am not only

endangering myself but other participants/instructors. I am aware that failure to adhere to any of Gathered Studio’s

safety regulations may result in my expulsion from the class or workshop and the forfeiture of my tuition.

I am aware that this is a binding agreement between Gathered Studios and me, and have entered

into it of my own free will.

Release Form

Thanks for submitting! Have fun!

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