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why gathered?

We love what we do, and it shows. We take pride in creating glass in Toledo, home of the American Studio Glass Movement. Our goal as glass artists is to rethink the possibilities of glass in public spaces. Our approach uses both traditional and innovative techniques.

innovative design

Our approach to design is driven by the materials we use. By highlighting the inherent qualities of glass we encourage the viewer to rethink and discover their own possibilities. 


Work directly with us - the artist, the designer, the fabricator, the installer.  Open communication allows us to bring your vision to fruition.

Coneflower (FRONT)



Toledo, OH

YEAR: 2023

DESIGN GOAL: Anchor Art for Momentum Festival

Installed on a central Downtown Toledo street corner as a temporary anchor for the 2023 Momentum Festival. 

This 16 foot tall representation of one of the region's most recognizable native plants is made of steel, blown glass, and dichroic-coated industrial glass (cut from the Pilkington Float Factory's unused drops).

The pedals are designed to change color and shoot colorful shadows as the Sun moves across the sky, and as the viewer's perspective changes.

Some coneflowers are pioneer species, often appearing in disturbed sites, representing a new beginning. They're great for pollinators and provide much to an ecosystem. Contact us to learn more

Paraboloid Ribbon


LOCATION: Glass City Center

Toledo, OH

YEAR: 2022

DESIGN GOAL: Decorative Element

Located in the Glass City Center built in 2022, this all-steel sculpture is mounted near picture windows with views of 5/3 Field. The physical work, relatively small compared to the wall, casts organic, curving shadows filling the entire canvas.

Identical hyperbolic paraboloids are turned, shifted, and repeated 12 times, yielding a unique complexity. The form's structure is made entirely of straight segments that imply a parabolic curve.

The illusion of the curve, and the engaging shadow-show make this modular work completely scalable to any site indoor or out. 

Contact us to learn more


Reflection Gnomon

LOCATION: Simpson Garden Park

Bowling Green, OH

YEAR: 2022

DESIGN GOAL: Memorial & Garden

The 9+ foot tall glass and stainless steel sculpture is the gnomon, or shadow-casting element, of what will be a sundial. Two due-North facing identical KEPLER TRIANGLES seem to float above grade at the precise angle of the site's latitude (41.4°). The Kepler triangle has sides in a geometric progression of the Golden Ratio PHI. The 8 framed glass Kepler Triangles mimic the color of the sky, and have an extraterrestrial texture. The color and texture changes as the viewer's perspective changes.

The sculpture is Phase 1, and Adam will work with the Park's horticulturist to design a 40 foot diameter naturalistic planting to be completed in 2023. Basalt and Obsidian boulders will mark the hours, and noon on the Solstices and Equinox.

The sculpture is dedicated to the late Judy Knox, an activist and community leader. Contact us to learn more


Reflection Column

LOCATION: Southview High School Sylvania, OH

YEAR: 2020

DESIGN GOAL: Commemorative

Using repurposed materials, this seven-foot-tall steel and glass helix emerges from a massive, locally sourced sandstone block, and stands at the entrance of a newly built Science wing. The sandstone base represents "home" for all students. The helix, with its reflective glass represents community, while the cast colors and shadows reference the persistent growth of the students as they advance. Textures and shapes within the glass panel allow viewers to contemplate and reflect themselves. Contact us to learn more



LOCATION: Toledo Zoo and Aquarium Toledo, OH

YEAR: 2013

DESIGN GOAL: Experiential

1,368 six inch blocks of cast colored glass with fused silica sand to represent the landmasses. The Pacific is centered on this "pixelated" illustration of the world to showcase its vastness and importance on Earth. Contact us to learn more

Windows Inside Looking Out.jpg

Inside Looking Out

LOCATION: Generations Tower, Toledo, OH

YEAR: 2018

DESIGN GOAL: Reflective Environment

This installation consists of 3,888 cast glass cubes to form a calming composition for viewers often confronted with uncertainty. Taking inspiration from colors found in local natural areas, the three windows provide viewers a calming opportunity to "look out" while they look inward. 

Contact us to learn more



LOCATION: The Temple, Sylvania, OH

YEAR: 2021


The piece is based on an antique ceramic piece that was owned and cherished by the late Rabbi Alan Sokoban and his wife. Given by his surviving children as a memorial, the Hamsa presides over a memory garden. The durable aluminum framework and transformed NSG Mirropane TM glass create a reflective  pop against the dark brick. Contact us to learn more


Setting West

LOCATION: Encore NCL, Miami, FL

YEAR: 2019

DESIGN GOAL: Decorative Element

This installation consists of 2,304 cast glass cubes to form a calming composition for viewers often dining aboard the NCL ship, Encore. Taking inspiration from colors found at sunset on the Atlantic, the four unique windows create a complimentary intimate space aboard a less-than-intimate cruise liner. Contact us to learn more



LOCATION: Jackson Community College 

Jackson, MI

YEAR: 2017

DESIGN GOAL: Calming Environment

Located in the waiting area of the Oasis Center, this lighting installation is meant to bring calm to students. The Oasis Center provides counseling and mental health assistance to students and faculty. The cool, rich, dark blues and greens were chosen to mimic the canopy of a calming forest.

Contact us to learn more



LOCATION: Congregation B'nai Israel 

Sylvania, OH

YEAR: 2016

DESIGN GOAL: Commemorative

B'nai Israel wanted to dedicate a work of art to celebrate their 150th anniversary. 
Key words on this project included honor, celebrate, and inspire, and looking around at the synagogue we noticed a lot of menorah imagery. As we dug a little deeper into CBI's long hisotry, we noticed that the menorah played a huge roll in their design. 
The menorah symbolizes light and tradition, and our contemporary design alludes to a pathway that will continue for years to come. 

Contact us to learn more



LOCATION: Renaissance Downtown Hotel

Toledo, OH

YEAR: 2017

DESIGN GOAL: Site Specific

Here we explore the way light and color can play with a specific space, and skylights allow the affect to change throughout the day. Because of the proximity of the hotel to the Maumee River, each handmade cast glass prism in mounted to reference a flowing river. Contact us to learn more



LOCATION: ProMedica Toledo Hospital

Toledo, OH

YEAR: 2014

DESIGN GOAL: Calming Environment

We were inspired by the light spectrum. All the light and color that we see with the naked eye - visible light - only amounts to less than a percent of the light in the universe. The stuff not represented by "ROY-G-BIV" is known as invisible light.
We thought it fitting that we exhibit an illustration of the X-ray Spectrum in our piece for this space.

Contact us to learn more


Fence at

LOCATION: Hensville, Toledo, OH

YEAR: 2016

DESIGN GOAL: Create a Space

Glass and steel form a unique fence that provides outdoor seating at an upscale bar, restaurant. Glass being an important part of the city's identity, it was an especial component in the design as this restaurant is owned by the company that owns the Triple A baseball team, The Toledo Mudhens. *Collaboration with Toledo Twisted Iron. Contact us to learn more


Chabad House Wall

LOCATION: Chabad House of Greater Toledo

Sylvania, OH

YEAR: 2018

DESIGN GOAL: Inspire support. Use of modern materials.

Celebrating the construction of their new building, The Chabad House wanted to ensure they honored current and future donors. The glass elements are mobile, and can shift upward as the donor's lifetime "investment" grows. The Hebrew words for Earth, Water, Spirit, and Fire were plasma-cut and included on the background to delineate donor levels. Contact us to learn more



LOCATION: Toledo Zoo and Aquarium, Toledo, OH

YEAR: 2014

DESIGN GOAL: Experiential Way Finding 

Jellyfish Smack is a site specific ceiling piece consisting of twenty nine blown glass jellies. Installed directionally to guide guests on to the next exhibit space. Ranging from six inches to twenty inches, the brightly colored organic glass forms hang from the ceiling in situ with exposed ductwork, lighting, and support beams. 

Contact us to learn more

innovative design

Innovative Design

We believe in quality, intentional design.  We source local and domestic materials when possible, and we have an extensive network of regional artists and fabricators when the job calls for it. Each step of our installation process keeps you involved.  After consulting with you (sometimes several times) we come up with initial design concepts. Using Maya and other software, we render your vision so the work begins to take shape. Fabricating the work in our Toledo, Ohio studio takes time. Together with you, we'll designate a plan to make sure the work is completed on time and within budget. Finally, we'll build and install your piece on-site. We are happy to make the trip world-wide (preferably somewhere warm during our midwest winters).

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