Glass Resist Fist

Glass Resist Fist

Support the Black Lives Matter movement with a Glass Resist Fist that symbolizes resistance of the injustices against the black community. Proceeds from the sale of these handmade clear glass fists will be donated to Community Solidarity Response Network of Toledo.


Part of our job as artists is to observe and reflect on the world around us. And right now, our country is hurting. Our obligation as members of a community is to listen to those voices and to work towards equality. The anger, frustration, and pain felt by the black community in America and in our region deserves and needs attention. Admittedly, we at Gathered don't know the best way to help, but we know we have to do something. This is a chance for us to listen, learn, and give back to our community that is in need. We stand with all those fighting for justice and equality, and strive to learn more ways to help show that BLACK LIVES MATTER.

  • Disclaimer

    Each object that Gathered produces is completely handmade! Pieces may vary slightly in size and color density. Each piece is unique... That's what makes it special!