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BG Independent News: Sundial in Simpson Garden to be dedicated to Judy Knox

On Sunday, September 11, 2022, at 2 pm the public is invited to the Simpson Garden, Bowling Green, for the dedication of the Judy Knox Memorial Sundial. A reception will be held at the Simpson Garden building following the on-site dedication.

The sculpture is a 9-foot sundial of stainless steel and glass made by Adam Goldberg of Gathered Glass in Toledo.

Goldberg used glass because, “Glass offers nearly limitless potential as a public art medium, and this piece is part of a series that uses a one-way mirror product developed by Pilkington. By precisely reheating it, I was able to change the physical properties of the specially coated glass into a dynamic reflective surface. The fractal-like texture is somewhat extraterrestrial, but references both water and earth. As light passes in front of the coating it is reflective and opaque, expressing a brilliant blue that mimics the sky.

Judy Knox registers at the Wood County District Public Library in 2018.

As light enters from the other side the glass is transparent and shines an unpredictable rusty-gold color. Creating color-shadows, viewers engage with the work differently as sunlight and perspective change. The structural framework of the gnomon is stainless steel to reflect permanence.”

A sundial brings together art, mathematics, science, and Northwest Ohio’s history of making glass. While Toledo is known as the Glass City, Bowling Green was once known as the Crystal City.

This multi-faceted work of art reflects the talent and accomplishments of Judy Knox who pioneered community based child sexual abuse prevention programs and was instrumental to the implementation of child protective services in Wood County. Judy passionately defended democracy as a citizen and member of the Bowling Green League of Women Voters. For many years she organized all League activities that provided information to voters, including the annual Candidate’s Forum. Throughout her life, she engaged in gentle protest of flawed government and institutional policies and against all forms of discrimination. (She died in September, 2020.)

The support of the members of the Bowling Green League of Women Voters along with Judy’s friends and family made this sculpture possible.

Simpson Garden, 1291 Conneaut Ave – at the intersection of Conneaut and Wintergarden Road – is a public park in Bowling Green. It includes a Children’s Discovery area, a Daylily walk, an Upland Garden, a Peace Garden, amphitheater, pollinator areas, and over 1,000 Hosta plants. It is a demonstration garden for both the Daylily and Hosta Societies of America.

This work of memorial art was conceived and supported by the League of Women Voters Bowling Green.

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